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From the lush forests of Indonesia, we’re proud to introduce Airplane Surf: Wooden handplanes made for bodysurfing. Being light but incredibly strong, Airplanes are guaranteed to take your bodysurfing to the next level. Airplanes are 100% hand shaped by skilled woodcarvers and made for perfection in style and performance. Airplane: every surfer should have one!


The first model from Airplane is now available from a limited 50 numbered pieces. Each Airplane is a unique piece of work with a one-of-kind wooden signature. 100% hand crafted and available with a matte or gloss finish. Airplanes are made from light but strong teak wood from sustainable en certified forests in Indonesia. Get yours in our webshop.

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Our main focus is to offer unique handcrafted handplanes for bodysurfing while giving back to the local community in Indonesia. From every Airplane sold a portion of the profit is invested in local projects to support surfing and nature around Indonesia. We only work together with skilled craftsman and make sure our environmental footprint stays as small as possible. Checkout our blog for the latest projects involving Airplane!


Handmade precision

Single concave, rocker nose and sharp cut rails.

zijkant onder

Oval shape

Big smooth surface to lift yourself from the water

Strong teak wood...

Strong enough to surfive big barrel wipeouts

...but light as a feather

Only weighs 300 grams, so easy to carry on

onderkant mooi

Adjustable velcro strap

Fits all possible shapes of hands and is finished with a soft inner layer for comfort during bodysurfing and paddling

logo zoom

Laser cut logo

Detailed and beautiful


Hold your grip

Firmy attached with two hand shaped pieces of bending teak wood. Includes 2 hidden screws and glue finish

Handcrafted teak

Airplane Bag

Comes with a handy bag...

For protection and easy carry on

Airplane Sticker Pack

...a sticker pack....

To stick on whatever you want

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...and a certificate.

Every Airplane has a unique production number

Find yours in our webshop

Giving Back
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Fair for all

Airplanes are proudly made by skilled woodcrafters in Indonesia. Their skills are handed over from generation to generation. We are proud to have the chance to work with one of the best local shapers around. We make sure they get a fair share of every Airplane produced. Next to honest labour we also invest a portion of every Airplane sold back to the local community. We invest in surf and nature related projects. Check all the updates in our blog.

From controlled forests

All Airplanes are made from teak wood from certified controlled forests in Java and Bali. Airplane is 100% sustainable, that means that for every tree used, another one is replaced. We keep away from the ancient rainforests and only work with ‘good’ wood. Teak is a perfect fit, because it grows relatively quick and even the smallest pieces get used, so no waste. This way we make sure that future generations can enjoy the beautiful rainforests in Indonesia!

Airplane take off: Intro video

Airplane take off: Intro video

Everything starts with an idea. A simple ‘What if…’. A thought that crosses your mind in an unexpected moment. But most ideas don’t have a long lasting life. They fly off in a sea of thoughts to never be seen again. But sometimes they hold on, keep coming back, and slowly transform into reality.

Airplane surf loves social media

Airplane surf loves social media

Love to bodysurf online? At Airplane surf we love to share our adventures and updates on bodysurfing, handplanes and other surf adventures, so come and join us on Instagram and Facebook: Instagram: @airplane_surf http://www.instagram.com/airplane_surf/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/airplanesurf  

New Airplanes in Stock

New Airplanes in Stock

New stock has arrived! Check out the webshop for the newest models